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Fe del Mundo

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Fe del Mundo, hailing from Intramuros, Manila, took the pioneering initiative to establish the very first pediatric hospital in the Philippines, thereby shaping and advancing the modern child healthcare system.

Fe del Mundo completed her education at the University of the Philippines and further pursued her studies at Boston University.

She was driven by the objective of addressing the inadequate medical resources prevailing in rural communities.  Fe del Mundo dedicated her efforts and accomplishments towards this cause.

Her most notable achievement is the invention of an incubator made from bamboo, specifically designed to function in areas without access to electrical power.

The Philippine Science Heritage Center acknowledges and highlights some remarkable aspects of Fe del Mundo’s life and career:

  • In 1936, she earned the distinction of becoming the first woman pediatrician admitted to Harvard Medical School.
  • She made history once again in 1980 by becoming the first woman to be named the National Scientist of the Philippines.
  • Carrying her vision forward, she founded the country’s inaugural pediatric hospital. It was subsequently known as the Children Medical Center, now recognized as the Fe Del Mundo Medical Center.
  • Ms. Mundo pioneered studies that resulted in her invention of the first incubator. She also invented a device to alleviate jaundice.
  • Her outstanding contributions were honored with the prestigious Elizabeth Blackwell Award, recognizing her as a “Woman Doctor of World Renown.”
  • Fe del Mundo also received the esteemed Ramon Magsaysay Award for her exceptional public service.
  • In 1977, the 15th International Congress of Pediatrics bestowed upon her the title of the “Most Outstanding Pediatrician and Humanitarian.”

Fe del Mundo’s legacy serves as a constant source of inspiration, propelling advancements in the field of pediatric medicine.

Through her groundbreaking innovations and unwavering dedication to improving healthcare, particularly for children, she revolutionized and continues to shape the landscape of the medical industry in the Philippines.

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