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DIY Lace Shorts

The cutest lace trimmed shorts made using boxer shorts or any other white pair of shorts and pretty white lace trims from the fabric store. Honestly, this DIY is so simple and perfect for summer! You’ll need: men’s or boy’s white boxer shorts 2 yards of lace trim a pair of scissors pins a sewing machine or needle and thread

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Need an extra pair of shorts but kinda low on your clothing budget? Here's a simple way of acquiring a pair with what you have in your closet. What You’ll Need A pair of jeans in your choice of wash (we recommend favorite boyfriend or straight) Tape measure Scissors Safety Pin Source

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Know How To Sew A Bomber Jacket From Scratch | DIY Clothing Tutorial

DIY clothing projects are what make sewing so interesting and addicting. Today, we are going to tackle on a DIY clothing venture in the form of a bomber jacket. A bomber jacket might be one of the last things you’d imagine you could DIY, but here we are! You just simply use your favorite jacket as your pattern in making the fabric pieces for this DIY bomber jacket. Plus, a bonus monogram design tutorial awaits you! Know How To Sew A…

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Instructions: 1.Grab some 1 to 2 yards of satin or flowy fabric, like polyester or silk which is what I’m using here. fold it in half to make a rectangle that is the length you want plus a few inches and the width to be at least as wide or wider as one of your boxiest tops. Make sure to incorporate the longer sleeves. Its always good to over estimate! Honestly If I had more fabric to work with I…

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This crop top is so easy to make and fun to wear because it’s breezy and has cute pickaboo openings to show off what going on underneath like you swimsuit, tank, sports bra, or what have you. Perfect for those summer vacations or something to keep you cool at the gym. Planning on making quite a few more of these with my husband’s old tees Supplies: Large non-stiff tee shirt Scissors If hemming: thread, sewing machine, iron Instructions: *if hemming…

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