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Short Wives And Tall Husbands Have The Best Marriages According To Science

When it comes to finding a partner, everyone has different preferences. Some people are very focused on the looks of their partners while for others – this is the least of their concern. However, a study proves that having a big height difference have the best relationships and successful marriages. To be more specific, it states that short wives and tall husbands have the best marriages and their very strong as a couple. The study later added that taller husbands have happier wives.

Taller Men Fulfill A Short Girl’s Needs

The study further went on explaining how husbands have the upper hand in making the relationship stronger. It has been proven that men like to take control over many situations as well. Therefore, when the girl has a tall husband, her life is better than ordinary girls are and she is full of happiness.

Women Prefer Tall Men Over Short Ones

A doctor explained in the journal of Personality and Individual Difference that women prefer tall for mating because of evolutionary reasons. Great height difference between a husband and a wife positively relates to the happiness of the couple. There are things that are hard for us to understand, but we must believe them!

Men Feel More Masculine With Short Girls

Apparently, there is vibe that comes from short women that encourages people to protect them. Short women look adorable and innocent all the time making their partner protective over them. Not to forget that short women can be defensive and aggressive, their height makes them look vulnerable which attracts men. All men want to protect their loves.

Hugging is More Fun This Way

Men love hugging women that are not tall. Men enjoy it when they are hugging their partner and her head is on his chin. They like resting their chins on their partners head while their partner is smothered in his chest. This keeps men happy which results in a successful relationship.

Men Can Feel Inferior Too

Tall women usually do not lack confidence. Unfortunately, their confidence often is mixed with a lot of pride and arrogance. Many men have huge ego problems, which they will never admit to; tall women can make them feel inferior. Short women are a safe bet when it comes to protecting their ego.

What Makes a Short Girl Beautiful

Tall women are aware of their traits and are aware of all their options. Unfortunately, some short women forget to appreciate their beauty because they are always busy thinking about their height. Every man wants a woman who is innocent and humble, and that is what really matters at the end of the day.

Short Girls Are Easier To Transport

One of the benefits, amongst the others is that shorter women are easier to pick up and to take them with you wherever you want to go. A short girl is like a little doll for a man. Shorter women can make space for themselves anywhere, which makes them even more attractive.

Short Women Are More Feminine

This is a fact. Short women have higher estrogen levels, which automatically makes them more feminine because tall women have more testosterone. It is proven that because of this reason, shorter women are more feminine. Every man wants a woman who is feminine so she can fulfill his needs.

Short Girls Make Men Feel Useful

If the woman is short, the man feels so helpful around the house. Even if he is not extraordinary tall, he can take the dishes out of a high cabinet and help you get things from higher shelves. This is makes the mood of the man better resulting in a happy and healthy relationship.

Short Women Can Make Anger Look Good

Who would have ever thought about anger in a positive way? Short women have the tendency to look cute even when they are angry, which makes their men feel an insane amount of attraction towards them. Talk about sex appeal in a small bundle.

They Are Like Cuddling a Teddy Bear

Shorter girls are better to cuddle and warmer too! It is scientifically proven that cuddling relives stress and stress, and it helps you sleep better. Why would you need a teddy bear, when you can cuddle a living, breathing, adorable little human instead!

She Looks “Up To” The Guy

When you have a short girl, she will look up to you. Now for men, this could be a huge ego boost. Who doesn’t like to have their partner look up to them? Not to burst anyone’s bubble though – the looking up part here is in the literal sense that she needs to see your face.

Short Girls Make the Man Look Taller

A short girl makes the man look taller. And men tend to be quite sensitive about their height. For some reason, height is a manly feature, which men use to measure than manliness.

It complements the look of the couple and makes them look like the ultimate #couplegoals.

It Goes With the Set Stereotypes

There have been set stereotypes of how a certain couple should appear to be. And we all know that no matter how much we want to avoid stereotypes – everything we do is related to some sort of social tradition and stereotype.

A tall guy with a short girl is known as the “ideal” couple.

Source : Culture Hook

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