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Bulakenyo ka kung

Bulakenyo’s have different words for different things. Here are some of them.

Translated to fully-cooked.

Example: Na-inin na po ang sinaing. Maaari na po tayong kumain. (The rice is fully cooked. We can now all eat.).

Simply means a Headband.

Example: Ang ganda ng supil nya. (Her headband looks nice.)

This means to carry a child against the hips.

Example: Paki kilik nga ang aking sanggol. (Please carry my baby.)

Another way of carrying a baby against the chest using both arms as support.

Example: Paki pangko ang prinsesa at inaantok na. (Please carry my princess as she is already sleepy.)

Up and down movement of rice grains being winnowed on a flat basket (bilao) to remove rice hulls (or rice husks).

Pain in the eyes due to accidental application of soap / other chemicals, as if while washing the face (hilamos)

Example: Aray! Nahilam ako. (Ouch! My eyes are in pain as the soap got into my eyes.)

Tuck in your shirt

Example: Dapat naka-paragan ang panloob mong damit. (You should tuck in your undershirt)


Big red ants (Weaver ants) usually found on fruit-bearing trees like mango (mangga), star apple (kaimito), etc. Also called as “hantik” or “Ibok” in other parts of Bulacan.

Example: Nakagat ka na ba ng tagasaw? (Have you experienced being bitten by a weaver ant?)

Foot sole or unit of measurement for length equivalent to 1 foot (12inches)

A verb which means to step or move back. Can also mean retrieving and washing used plates and utensils after a meal.

Example: Ako na mag uurong (I will do the dishes)

Is a term referring to honeymoon after the wedding.

Example: Kamusta ang pulot-gata? (How’s your honeymoon?)

Simply means to sleep beside somebody.

Example: Dapat kasal muna bago siping (Get married first before sleeping together in one bed.)

It is often used referring to something fancy or unusual.

Example: Ang gara ng bahay ng alkalde. (The house of the mayor is really fancy.)

As they say or according to

Example: “Galit ako sa droga”, eka nga ng pangulo. (“I hate drugs,” said the president.)

Means low-moving, sluggish, unhurried, too relaxed etc. The terms “Makupad” and “Madiwara” can also mean the same.

Example: Masyado kang magigi.  Huli na tayo sa ating tipanan. (You’re too slow.  We are already late with our appointment.)

Placing a leg on something like a pillow (unan)

Example: Hindi ako makatulog kapag walang dantay na unan. (I can’t sleep without a pillow between my legs.)

Dipping Sauce

This means therefore, in conclusion or consequently.

Example: Pawang walang katotohanan ang kanyang mga paratang. Alalaumbagay sinisiraan lang niya ako. (His allegations were totally absurd. He’s just blabbing me.)

Grumpy, irritable, in a bad mood, or ill-tempered person

Example: Bakit kaya baribot na naman ang bata? (Why is the kid in a bad mood again?)

Mischievous, Stubborn, Hardheaded, annoying person. More common term is pasaway

Retrieve or collect things like washed clothes from the clothesline (sampayan)

Example: Dali, samsamin na ang mga nakasampay at nandiyan na ang ulan. (It’s starting to rain, let’s retrieve all the clothes from the clothesline quickly.)


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