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NASA Assigns First Filipino Astronaut Chino Roque in Outer Space for 60 Days

For everyone who is not yet familiar with Chino Roque, he is the first Filipino Astronaut chosen by Axe Apollo Space Academy in a competition. He is one among 23 lucky recruits out of more than 20,000 applicants,  to fly into outer space on 2015.

Daniel “Chino” Roque, a 22 year old psychology graduate from La Salle bested more than 20,000 applicants including two fellow Pinoys. He is scheduled to fly outer space next year, but the plan has changed after NASA released a report about a shocking discovery concerning Metro Manila.

NASA on late October reported that half of Manila could be gone in 50 years. Climate change, too much garbage, over population, and over industrialization are among the reasons why Metro Manila’s land couldn’t hold its heavy load anymore.

AXE Apollo Space Academy, the private company that selected Roque was asked by NASA if the government agency can use Roque’s services instead of just touring the space. NASA said Roque will be included in the next batch of 8 who will be replacing the current astronauts assigned in International Space Station (ISS).

Among 8 people are 2 Russian Cosmonauts, 3 American Astronauts, 1 British, 1 Israeli, and Roque – the first Philippine Astronaut. Roque’s mission is specific on gathering data about Philippines’ weather, atmosphere, and other factors that can affect Manila’s future disappearance.

Roque will be guided by American Astronaut and Physicist Dr. Amanda Schroeder, former Professor and Scientist at MIT.

Chino Roque is scheduled to stay at Kennedy Space Center for 4 full months of space training. Report said that the voyage is scheduled on November to December, 2015.

“Filipinos are expecting what Roque can bring but regardless of the outcome, it is already a great Philippine Pride to have our own Astronaut in space who is observing our country”, Dr. Ronald Borce, a Filipino-American Professor at University of Arizona – Dept. of Astronomy, told TPP.

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