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Cancer Patient’s Last Request: To Marry His One True Love

Rowden and Leizel decided to get married in early 2014, and they set the date for Rowden’s 30th birthday, July 8, 2014. They were ecstatic to start a new chapter of their lives together, along with their beautiful 2-year-old daughter, Zakiah. Devastating news struck in late May of 2014 when Rowden was suddenly diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer.

Facing his mortality head-on, he had only one last request: to marry his one true love, Leizel. They quickly began making preparations for the ceremony, and upon finding out that Rowden would be unable to leave the hospital, they decided to bring their family, friends, and church members to the hospital instead. Rowden passed away less than ten hours after he said his vows; he held on just long enough to see his beautiful dream fulfilled.

It’s amazing to see how much happiness Rowden and Leizel share on this day despite the heartbreaking circumstances of their wedding. Even though they are surrounded by crying family members, the couple seems only to be aware of their happiness in sharing this moment together, which is a testament to the depth of the love they feel for one another.


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