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This Artist Imagined SpongeBob And Patrick As Human And It’s Terrifying

SpongeBob SquarePants was probably my favorite show to watch when growing up. It’s just so funny and very weird. It’s about a sponge and his friend Patrick who is a starfish. Taking a step back and looking at this show, it’s pretty weird.

One artist named Miguel Vasquez recreated SpongeBob and Patrick to look like humans, and it’s creepy.

Oh my! I can’t believe that this artist even came up with this! It’s terrifying.

The bulgy eyes, teeth, and the multiple chins are freaking me out. Once you see this, you can’t unsee it. CREEPY!Also, he added ears to SpongeBob. I didn’t realize that was missing from the original cartoon.

Usually Patrick is happy and smiling. THIS IS NOT THE PATRICK THAT I KNOW AND LOVE.

He looks so mean and tough. The real Patrick Star would never hurt a fly. Just look at his fists! Kind of looks like he’s ready to fight.

Best friends for life! Now I can finally see their outfits in full.

I love that they are both wearing the same outfits they wear in the cartoon. But unfortunately, I think my childhood is ruined. Can’t watch SpongeBob again without thinking of this. So creepy. 


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