Maine Mendoza launches ‘Humans of Barangay’ project

Maine Mendoza launches ‘Humans of Barangay’ project


Maine announced her latest project she calls ‘Humans of Barangay’ which she launched yesterday, April 2.

She wrote, “Every person has their own story to tell. That includes times of adversity that is filled with lessons, motivation, and inspiration. Considering myself fortunate for being in Eat Bulaga’s ‘Juan for All’ segment and having the opportunity to visit different barangays around the country, I would like to take this chance to collect stories from people I come across to every single day.”

“Since I get to meet people in different walks of life, I was deeply inspired by how they manage to survive and be thankful even with the smallest things that they have,” she continued.

According to the Philippine DubSmash Queen, she aims to encourage netizens through the stories of other people.

“Hoping that this project will inspire us to be a better person in one way or the other. I am taking the chance that the universe gave me to help others and spread awareness of what the real world is. One photo, one story at a time,” she said.

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Facebook Page of Humans Of Barangay.