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Obra ni Juan Reveals the Deepest Story of Juan Luna

Philippine Stagers Foundation latest offering Obra ni Juan, a story that tackles the life, works and the deepest secret of the controversial Philippine hero namely Juan Luna.

One of the exciting part of the play | Shoot during the media sneak preview
One of the exciting part of the play | Shoot during the media sneak preview

According to PSF director Vince Tanada, “the play would showcase Juan Luna’s relationship with various historial figures such as Marcelo Del Pilas and Trinidad Pardo de Tavera, his unique friendship with Jose Rizal and beloved brother Antonio Luna.”

The production would showcase all the heroes without overcoat, without the glitz and glam, Obra ni Juan would present to us their lives as impressionistic as the masterpieces of the master painter gave us his works to inspire the Filipinos. It would also present to us one of the most tragic love stories in Philippine history, the love of Juan Luna to his wife Paz Pardo de Tavera, the ugly truth of how the artist, murdered his wife and mother in law or so the stories say.

The play would give the audience an opportunity to be the judge and jury in this controversy. Helping us to answer the question of hero or madam is the painting of Juan Luna, from “Spoliarium” to the “Parsian Life” and more as decipher “The Luna Code.”

Revealing the deepest secret of Juan Luna
Revealing the deepest secret of Juan Luna

Cast :

Patrick Libao as Juan Luna 1, Vince Tanada as Juan Luna 2, Chin Ortega as alternating Juan Luna 2, Johnrey Rivas as Jose Rizal, Jomar Bautista as Antonio Luna, Gerald Magallanes as Anlternating Antonio Luna, Cindy Liper as Paz Pardo de Tavera, Vean Olmeda as alternating Paz Pardo de Tavera / Ina, Rospel Gonzales as Nelie Baustead, Kenneth Sadsad as Trinidad Pardo de Tavera / Alternate for Juan Luna 1, Rotsen Etolle as Alternate Trinidad Pardo de Tavera, Jp Lopez as Marcelo del Pilar, Adelle Ibarrientos as Juliana Pardo de Tavera and Rutchel Leonor as alternating Juliana Pardo de Tavera.

Production Staff :

Direction and written by Vince Tanada, production management Jeffrey Ambroso, music by Pipo Cifra, choreography Gerald Gimarino, lights design Art Gabrentina and custome design Emy Tanada.

Catch this controversial musical stage play of Juan Luna life entitled “Obra ni Juan” in your favorite theater house this comig August 2017 to March 2018.


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