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Pork crackling could be the new unlikely health food trend

Scientists have unveiled their top 100 rankings of the most nutritious foods, and pork fat has – surprisingly – cracked the top ten.

Sharing the top spots with almonds, chia seeds and swiss chard, pork fat scored number eight on the list of top 100 nutritious foods.

Pork fat was ranked highly on the BBC list because of its high content of B vitamins and minerals. Scientists revealed that – although the fat has a very high-calorie content – pork fat is a more unsaturated and healthier alternative to other meat fats, like lamb or beef.

While pork crackling is usually reserved for a special treat or a Sunday night roast, this news is as good as any to increase your intake of the crispy, salty delight.

Pork scratchings have been served as pub snacks for years, but new speciality pork restaurants like Sydney’s Mr. Crackles are serving up pork fat en masse, with cups of crackling and sheets of whole crackling on the menu.

Mr. Bao has put a delicious twist on pork crackling, adding a perfectly-crisp piece into a steamed bao bun with their signature hoisin sauce, light-pickled cucumber and some coriander to keeps things fresh and light.

If you’d prefer the satisfaction of making pork crackling at home, Donna Hay has some cracking advice on how to get your pork crackling to be super-crunchy.

To celebrate the news that pork might not be as unhealthy as you thought, try these delicious pork and pork crackling recipes tonight:

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