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Natural Ways To Destroy Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin Tags And Age Spots

Disclaimer: Article found on the net, one should always consult with a qualified and registered medical practitioner before using any of the methods described.

There are more than 3000 types of skin problems which can affect us. Some of these are age spots, blackheads, warts, moles and skin tags. This may lead you to worry about the condition of your skin, as it can cause a change in the texture or color of the skin. What’s worse, these problems can appear in any parts of your body, especially your face.

Many of these conditions are easily treatable, and the methods are simple.  Warts can be cured with the suitable ingredients. You should be able to find these common ingredients around you, and know its healing characteristics.

Cure warts naturally

People can be affected by warts, which is due to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Depending on the person’s immunity, it can affect us in different ways, as it has more than 100 types of HPV. They can be spread from person to person, because it is a virus. HPV infections can be categorized as harmful, and not harmful, but it is essential to treat them either way. Usually, children are affected by this problem due to their weaker state of immunity.

When left on its own, the warts may take months, even years to disappear. There is no guarantee if it will actually disappear on its own too! Usually, warts left on their own disappear within 6 months, though a remaining third is still present around 2 years after its first appearance.

Try these home-made, natural cures if the conventional treatments don’t work for you! Bear in mind that it may not work immediately, but it is beneficial to make it completely go away.


Honey – Pure and Raw

If you have New Zealand’s Organic Manuka Honey, it would be the best. However, raw homemade honey works too. Manuka Honey has a high concentration of antibacterial properties, and it is stable as it doesn’t lose its therapeutic characteristics due to temperature changes. This makes it a very stable compound to be used.

Manuka Honey prevents oxygen from reaching the warts, thus killing it effectively. This is called an ‘Occlusion therapy.’ The methods are as follows:

  • Take a teaspoon of raw honey, and cover the wart with it
  • Wrap it with a cloth or bandage
  • Leave it for 24 hours
  • Change the bandage and reapply the honey every day on the affected area

Using Duct Tape

Studies have shown that duct tapes can be used to remove warts. In one study, 61 patients with warts received either cryotherapy or duct tape treatment. Duct tape had a 85% chance of completely removing the warts, compared to cryotherapy which only removed warts in 65% of their people.

The method in using duct tape to remove warts:

  1. Apply a piece duct tape over the wart for 6 whole days
  2. Replace the tape if needed
  3. Remove the tape after 6 days, and wash the wart with water
  4. Rub the wart with a pumice stone or emery board
  5. Apply a new piece of duct tape
  6. Continue the process until the wart disappears


Garlic is great to remove warts as it is an antiseptic as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. Use garlics to remove warts with these methods:

  1. Mash the garlic
  2. Apply on warts and cover with a bandage
  3. Repeat the process twice a day until warts disappear


The inner surfaces of the banana peel have been used to remove warts. People have rubbed the surface of the banana peel against their wart, and also pressed the inside of the peel on the wart. This is secured with a tape, prior to sleeping.

The peel and bandage is removed the next morning, and the wart is washed. Repeating this process adequately, the warts will soften in a week or two. It has been reported that the warts will vanish without a trace after a month or so.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains anti-inflammatory properties which can eradicate bacteria and viruses. This ingredient makes it effective eliminate the main reasons of the warts!

  1. Wash the area affected by warts, before sleeping
  2. Apply apple cider to the affected area by using a cotton ball to spread it gently
  3. Cover the area with a bandage or duct tape, or you can also leave it exposed
  4. Remove the bandage in the morning.

Warts are removed within several weeks, when apple cider vinegar is used!

Disclaimer: Article found on the net, one should always consult with a qualified and registered medical practitioner before using any of the methods described above.

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