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Foods That Lower Your Blood Sugar

Sugar! One of the necessary nutrients of life. It produces much-needed energy and calories that are required for normal body processes. Just like everything else in this world, too much of it can be bad for your health in that sugar no matter how sweet or good has detrimental effects when its circulation is excessively increased in the blood.

Diabetes is one of the commonest disease conditions plaguing the world today; in which there is impaired insulin production which is required for glucose (sugar) to leave the blood and to get into the cells where it is utilized for energy. Although there are a lot of medications out there that can help with this condition, you can do your part by changing your diet to help you combat the harmful effects of having a high circulating blood sugar.

Here is a list of foods that have been shown to help reduce blood sugar.

1. Dark Chocolate

This is not just any gooey sweet chocolate, but instead, the dark bitter low sugar kind. Dark chocolate has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and this has somehow been linked to the antioxidants it contains. It has blood pressure lowering effects and has been shown to decrease cholesterol levels.

So when next you are going for a snack, you should try out some dark chocolate and ensure your blood sugar stays within acceptable limits.

2. Legumes

All sorts of legumes; from the chickpeas and cannelloni beans to kidney beans, legumes are all low-fat, low-calorie, high fiber, and high-protein foods, which help to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease by causing a slow release of glucose into circulation.

They are inexpensive, relatively easy to get, and can be easily incorporated into most dishes.

3. Avocados

It contains trace amounts of sugar and healthy fat which help regulate appetite. It also reduces triglyceride levels, and half an avocado in a meal has been shown to decrease post-meal hunger without affecting blood glucose levels.

This is one of those foods your doctor will advise you to eat as often as you can because simply put, you can really do no wrong eating avocados.

4. Nuts

The almonds and peanuts come in handy when trying to stabilize your blood sugar. They contain high levels of proteins, healthy unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins, flavonoids, minerals including magnesium and potassium, which all work together to help combat diabetes.

Nuts are a great food to snack on and you can really get carried away once you get into the habit of eating them. Caution should however be exercised as they are high in calories.

5. Cold water fish

They include Tuna, Halibut, Salmon, Mackerel. They contain next to nothing in carbs, lots of protein and omega 3 fatty acids, which have been proven to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and even help manage your blood sugar.

Such fishes are also a tasty treat when incorporated into several dishes or even when eaten alone. As such, they really offer the best of both worlds to consumers; deliciousness and healthiness.

6. Berries

They are sweet, go in shakes, and are a healthy replacement for your fruit juices. They contain fibers and vitamins that help in reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

We hope this list encourages you to see that it isn’t impossible to have fun eating experiences while keeping blood sugar within considerable limits. Get these foods today and go do just that.

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