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According to Cancer Treatment Research, Eating Privates May Help Cure Cancer!

Studies have shown that the breakfast is the “most important meal” of the day, and it’s true. People who skip their breakfast are more likely to encounter problems with metabolism, concentration, cardiac health, and weight. But according to this new research, there’s also another “important” meal you should take to keep you safe from cancer.

Technology has come a long way when it comes to the field of cancer treatment. Throughout the years, the study and research on how to effectively fight cancer has been an ongoing process. But this one comes at a massive surprise.

According to researchers from the State University of New York, cunnilingus may actually help and prevent cancer, mainly from heart disease and prostate cancer. Who would have thought that going down on a woman would have such health benefits, other than providing extreme pleasure? Well, here’s how it helps you!

When you bow down to the throne of grace and proceed to consume the intimate blessing offered to you by your woman, what happens is your body produces Oxytocin and DHEA hormones which help fight against cancer. Also, studies of psychologists show that going down on your woman’s prized possession will not only combat cancer, but also satisfy and give gratification to natural urges, which increases satisfaction within the relationship.

Besides the health benefits of curing cancer, especially prostate cancer, some of the biological effects of cunnilingus include producing love hormones in the body and Endorphins which helps alleviate headaches, promotes better sleep, and overall a healthier, more satisfactory relationship between the partners.

So if you’re one of the guys who loves to satisfy his woman, dig deep brother! Reap the rewards and health benefits while enjoying yourself and your partner in the process!

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