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9 Signs That You Have Lung Cancer! MUST READ!

LungCancerLung Cancer or the Pulmonary Carcinoma is one of the types of cancer that is most likely to be obtained by the human body.
There are symptoms that will help you know whether you are suffering from it or not.
1. There is a rapid change whenever you are coughing.
2. The changes or the shortness of breathing happens.
3. You will feel a severe pain in your chest are.
4. There is a whistling or wheezing sound as you breathe. You needed to pay extra attention to it.
5. The cough won’t go away. It stays with you for more than 2 weeks.
6. The unbelievable and shocking loss of weight wil occur.
7. Extreme headaches that signifies that the cancer might be spreading to your brain.
8. Hoarse Voice happens, you better ask the doctor’s opinion.
9. There is pain in the back and other parts of the body.
If ever you feel these signs you need to seek the help of the doctors immediately to get proper treatment.

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