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Know How To Sew A Bomber Jacket From Scratch | DIY Clothing Tutorial

DIY clothing projects are what make sewing so interesting and addicting. Today, we are going to tackle on a DIY clothing venture in the form of a bomber jacket. A bomber jacket might be one of the last things you’d imagine you could DIY, but here we are! You just simply use your favorite jacket as your pattern in making the fabric pieces for this DIY bomber jacket. Plus, a bonus monogram design tutorial awaits you!

Know How To Sew A Bomber Jacket From Scratch | DIY Clothing Tutorial

Learning how to DIY clothing doesn’t have to be rocket science if you choose the right how-to. And so I looked for the best one and I ended up with this lovely mesh bomber DIY clothing tutorial. I must confess, one of my favorite sewing projects would be anything that involves clothing. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve come to love sewing. AND I have my little monsters to model my creations for me! They inspire me to keep sewing and I just feel blissful seeing my children strut around in what I’ve made them.

This DIY bomber jacket is another venture that will look perfect on your kids, both girls and boys! Without further ado, let’s start making this DIY clothing project!

You will need:

– 2 yards of Jacket Fabric (we used mesh fabric in the tutorial)
– 1/2 yard of Knit Fabric (choose the same color as the jacket fabric)
– 1 length of Zipper with an open bottom (we used 52-inch long one here)
– 1 length of Short Faux Fur (for the monogram back design)


Step 1. Prepare the fabric pieces

Create front and back pieces. Prepare your fabric by folding it in half. Make the back piece by folding the sleeves of your model jacket inwards and then tracing it over the folded fabric. Add a 1cm outline around what you traced for the seam allowance. Cut it all the way around and then separate the back from the front piece.

Cut the front piece. Fold the front piece right in the middle and cut it into half. This is where the zipper will go.

Make the arm pieces. Fold another set of fabric into half and then trace the sleeves. Add another 1-cm allowance for the seam you will be sewing later on.

Step 2. Sew the fabric pieces together

Connect the front and back pieces. Place your back and front pieces right side up with the shoulder seams together. Pin it and then sew with a straight stitch.

Attach the arm pieces. Fold the arm piece in half to find its center. Place its center on the top middle of your armhole and then spread it apart to make sure it’s even. Start sewing from the middle going to the front part, and then from the middle going to the back. Sew with a straight stitch.

Close the sleeves. Fold the seams that line from under your sleeves towards the side of your almost-done bomber jacket inward, and then pin it down. Sew from the top of the sleeves going down the wrist part, and then stop.

Close the sides. Make another starting point on the armpit fold and then close the lower part of the sleeves with a straight stitch, and then stop. Close the side of your bodice with a straight stitch, starting from the armpit fold. This will make sure that your DIY clothing will be even when it’s done.

Step 3. Prepare and sew on the bottom band

Cut out the knit fabric for the bottom band. Measure your hips use the measurement to cut the length of your bottom waist band. Make sure that it is slightly shorter from the actual length of the base of the jacket to achieve the bomber-look after you sew. This tutorial used 35 inches for the length and 5 inches for the width. Once that’s done, cut it out.

Sew on the band, and leave it open. Pin the band to the bottom of the jacket wherein their bottoms are aligned together. Sew a zigzag stitch to connect the bottom parts of the waist band and the jacket. Leave it open for the zipper on the next steps.

Step 4. Create the cuffs

Cut, fold lengthwise and sew. Trace 5 inches for the width and 8 inches for the length on your knit fabric. Adjust the length to your wrist size so you can still roll your sleeves up. Fold it in half, lengthwise, and then sew along the seam.

Fold crosswise and tuck. Fold it crosswise and then tuck the first half under the second half to hide away the seam.

Step 5. Sew in the cuffs

Insert cuffs. Insert the ends of your arm sleeve inside the cuff.

Pin cuffs. Stretch out your cuff as you pin to keep the tension on the fabric. Sew a zigzag stitch around it, with wrong side up.

Flip when done. Flip it over when done.

Step 6. Attach the zipper

Pin the zipper. With the right side up, open the zippers completely and pin them on the opposite sides of the front portion of the jacket. Fold your bottom band into half and then pin the bottom part of the zipper inside the fold. Make sure to fold the rough edge of your band inward. Pin the zipper in such a way that the teeth are far from the raw edge.

Sew the zipper. Remove the bottom pins on the band and then sew with a straight stitch.

Step 7. Close and sew the bottom band

With the wrong side up, fold 1 cm for the seam inward, pin, and sew a straight stitch to cover the rough edges of the band and jacket. When you reach the portion where the zipper is, fold it horizontally first and then vertical to achieve a clean finish.

Step 8. Make and attach the collar, then done!

Cut out the collar piece. Measure the neckline of your jacket and make a folded knit fabric cut out from it. This tutorial used 5 inches for the width and 23 inches for the length to have some allowance for the seams. Cut out diagonally at the ends to make a round collar line.

Pin the collar. Carefully pin the collar around the neckline of the jacket.

Sew the collar to the jacket. Sew with a straight stitch and you got yourself a brand new bomber jacket. Now that’s some DIY clothing! 🙂


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