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What Your Driving Style Reveals About Your Personality

Tom Vanderbilt, author of the book Traffic: Why We Drive The Way We Do and What It Says About Us, writes, “Considering that many of us may spend more time in traffic than we do eating meals with our family… It seems worth probing a bit deeper into the experience.”

So what exactly is your driving subconscious saying about you? Scroll through this fun and informative test below to see what your driving style says about your personality.

The PerfectionistThe-Perfectionist

You are “The Perfectionist!”

You were taught in school to keep your hands at “10 and 2″, and you like to do things the correct way. You have a great attention to detail, and you make sure that you play by the rules. You have a strong belief that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Your perfectionist personality has probably brought you much success in life. In the areas of work, fashion, love, and friendship, others aspire to be as on point as you!

The Cool KidThe-Cool-Kid

You are “The Cool Kid!”

You are the personification of “laid-back”. You don’t take life too seriously, and you approach situations with a much more relaxed and chill approach. It often appears that you don’t have a care in the world. Even in tough times, you like to project an air of confidence and indifference. You live every day like it is a vacation day. Friends and family turn to you anytime they are looking for a day of fun!


The MinimalistThe-Minimalist

You are “The Minimalist!”

You like to keep life as simple as possible. You don’t surround yourself with a lot of frills, and you prefer friends that are straightforward and genuine. Rather than collecting tons of friends, you choose to stick with a few close ones. When selecting an outfit, you will pick a simple black ensemble over a loud and colorful print any day. Just because you keep your life simple, doesn’t mean you are boring. Others admire your minimalist tastes and your drama-free approach to life!

The Adventurer

The-AdventurerYou are “The Adventurer!”

You are a risk-taker through and through. Not only do you like to live on the edge, but you believe in making the most of every moment. If you haven’t tried already, you would love thrilling activities like bungee jumping and skydiving. When it comes to love, you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there. Inevitably, your friends will have somewhat tamer tastes than you. But your “live-life-to-the-fullest” mentality earns you the respect and admiration of your loved ones!

The BossThe-Boss

You are “The Boss!”

You are a natural-born leader. You have a real knack for taking charge of a situation in a clear and decisive manner. Others look to you for guidance and advice. They trust you, largely because you are so confident in your abilities. At work, you often receive praise for your leadership skills. In love, you may struggle slightly in finding someone who complements your “Type A” nature, but when you do, it will definitely have been worth the wait!
The SupporterThe-Supporter

You are “The Supporter!”

People love you. You are a great cheerleader for your friends and family. You are genuinely happy when others find success, and you aren’t afraid to be vocal with your support. You are a great listener, making you a prime target for friends who are seeking advice. While you may not always take life by the horns, you are happy to sit back and let others take the lead. You would much rather spend your time enjoying life with a friendly and positive outlook!

The Peacekeeper

The-PeacekeeperYou are “The Peacekeeper!”

You are the “Switzerland” of your friends and family. You don’t like to get drawn into arguments, as conflict tends to make you uncomfortable. If you were ever to raise your voice, your loved ones would be extremely surprised and would know that you mean business. You don’t have a high tolerance for feuds between others, so you will often lend your peacekeeping and problem solving skills to bring about a swift and successful resolution!

The Class ClownThe-Class-Clown

You are “The Class Clown!”

Your brain functions in a different way than your friends and family, because you are always looking for the humor in every situation. You are very funny, and you prefer to live your life in a wacky and silly way. Your creative mind draws you to more artistic endeavors. You have a lightning-fast sense of humor that makes you fun to be around. But others know not to challenge you to a battle of wits, as they will be left in the dust!

The Nervous Nellie

The-Nervous-NellieYou are “The Nervous Nellie!”

You are often in a battle with your anxiety. You like to double and triple-check your work, just to be on the safe side. You probably shy away from high-risk activities, preferring to do things that you know will provide a reliable amount of fun. That said, your friends and family care deeply for you and are always ready to help you come out of your shell a little. Though you may not always put yourself out there, those that know you know how great a person you truly are!

The BulldozerThe-Bulldozer

You are “The Bulldozer!”

Watch out, world – “The Bulldozer” is coming through! You are a busy person, and you do not have time for people who get in your way. Rather than wasting time on problem solving, you prefer to plow through things, leaving any obstacles in the dust. Others admire your drive and your determination, and they know they can rely on you to get things done. You are goal-oriented and action-oriented, both of which will take you very far in life!

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Anyhow please drive safe!

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