Being a celebrity assistant sounds like a pretty glamorous job.I mean, you get to work closely with major celebrities and get a firsthand look at what their lives are really like. While it does sound pretty cool, there are certainly some drawbacks, and these current and former assistants to the stars are telling (almost) all.

I’ll admit, being a celebrity assistant sounds like a pretty cool job.

I mean, if I can’t live the rich and famous lifestyle, I’ll take getting as close to it as possible. Maybe after hearing some of the drawbacks to this job, though, I’ll have a change of heart.

I’m not so sure I could give up any hope of a social life (or a “Netflix and bed by 10” life) and dedicate my whole world to someone else.



1. Most assistants sign an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement) that prohibits them from revealing any personal details about the celebrity.

This means that although we’ll get some insight to the job, we won’t get to hear any juicy secrets about Beyoncé.

2. It’s getting harder and harder to land the job of a celebrity assistant these days.

A lot of stars are just using their friends instead, since it’s somebody they already know and trust. To be honest, this makes a lot of sense.

3. If you do find yourself in the celebrity assistant role, the pay can be really great or really terrible.

It all depends on your responsibilities and how much you work. Some people are making just $500 aweek, while others can make up to $150,000 a year.